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Backups can be stored on external devices, local volumes, network shares, or burned to optical media. The backup tool supports a handful of additional features; you need to enable advanced settings for that, and may change the compression level, backup file size limits, and password protection then.

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HDM has positioned itself to not only address your imaging needs today, but to help manage your backup, recovery, and migration issues for years to come. Worked Perfectly! The user interface was intuitive and easy to follow. In just a few mouse clicks, the process was underway! The one-stop, do-everything Paragon Hard Disk Manager 16 delivers and with a stack of effective and reliable features. Advanced users can create more sophisticated scenarios based on the provided set of tools. Define specific backup strategy, migrate system and data, perform secure disk wipes and generate detailed reports.

Need protection for your corporate assets? Check out. Next-generation partitioning functionality ensures optimal storage use. Your internal drive running low on available disk space?

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This dilemma often occurs when you have multiple partitions to accommodate different systems and data types. With Hard Disk Manager, you can resize partitions on the fly to maximize available storage capacity. With newly-added features, you also can undelete and merge partitions, edit and view sectors in the built-in hex editor, convert partitions into primary and logical. Easily perform a surface test to identify bad sectors of the partitions.

With Hard Disk Manager, you simply choose where you want your Windows and clone your disk. Continue working on your system while Windows is being relocated. Hard Disk Manager comes with full-fledged Paragon Recovery Media Builder to correct boot problems inflicted by logical errors, hardware malfunctions, or failures. If the system becomes corrupted or compromised — malware or ransomware reasons included — you can quickly restore full operability of system and applications with minimal data loss.

Wipe personal data before disposing of a hard disk. Alternatively, clean unused space only with possibility to restore a deleted file.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager review: Total control of your Mac’s storage devices

You know better than neglecting this simple rule. Restore data from backups, including an entire hard disk or its partitions, separate files or folders.

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Protect backups with a password. Import any backup to restore in WinPE. Contact Support or file a support ticket. Organize your disks, ensure capacity and performance of storage media Transfer systems on the fly, use physical and virtual appliances at will Use professional-grade backup to secure systems, applications and data Always stay up and running with boot fix and fail-safe system recovery Note!

See discussion. Features Complete hard disk management - Covers all aspects of a Mac computer life cycle, beginning from drive partitioning and regular backup to system migration, disaster recovery and secure utilization of an outdated storage. You need two or more competitive utilities to have a similar set of functions. Version 1.

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Current Version 1. Downloads 3, Version Downloads License Shareware. Date 28 Dec To leave a comment, you need to be logged in. Log in. Sign up. Sort by: See more reviews for Hard Disk Manager. Regular data protection - Sector-level data processing through the Paragon's Snapshot enables to do live imaging of the entire Mac including OS, applications with great perfomance. Fast restore at a granular level allows to restore only needed files through the Finder by mounting backup image. Secure wiping - 10 military and governmental data wiping standards as well as support of the "SSD Trim" function to safely erase all on-disk data or only remnants of deleted files on traditional rotating platter disks or solid state drives.

HDM, is a strange bird and less immediately useful than you'd think despite it's greater capability than Apple's Disk Utility.

RAID support seems very thin, the incremental backups are not compatible with anything Apple proprietary Paragon format! HDM is an awkward but powerful attempt at a replacement. For the moment, expert users only though. Just configuring the interface to be readable is half an hour's work for a CSS designer. Why HDM has to be so ugly is a mystery to me.

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Paragon NTFS kext is set and forget. This monster HDM is anything but. For backups I continue to prefer SuperDuper!